Neither the cold nor the rain prevents tourists from enjoying Tampico


Despite the cold front event that occurred on Good Friday, a large influx of passers-by from other states was noted in businesses in the Downtown Zone, municipal markets, and the Former Customs.

The municipality of Tampico benefited as a tourist destination despite the north and rain during this Good Friday, say the businessmen, by maintaining the sales expectation set from the beginning of the holiday period.

Plácido de Lerma, president of the Regional Association of Commercial and Industrialists of Mexico (ARCIM), reported that the businesses in Tampico had a positive influx, with full even in market areas and even lines to eat.

“The tourists were in Tampico; it was evident this Friday. It was cloudy and cool, but that took the vacationers to the Historic Center, to the walk through the former Customs, to the market, to the restaurants, to the Shopping Centers, to the canteens”, declared the businessman.

“Here in Tampico, it is expected to maintain the increase in sales that was expected this Holy Week, the 30% increase and it remains so despite the weather, because tourism has arrived and is having fun,” he said.

“That is why it is important that there are more and more attractions, now Tampico has parks, shopping malls, museums like the Automobile Museum, good restaurants and spaces like the Carpintero lagoon, there are options,” he said.

Reyes González del Ángel, president of the Restaurant Association, reported that the restaurants had a good influx, as well as bars and attractions that exist in the port, such as the lagoon, museums, or the Historic Center.

It is the advantage that in Tampico work has been done to have tourist attractions that are more than beach, that become an option for visitors.

“Surely the tourist cannot extend their stay in the area, they already have their plans made and that is positive, but that is why instead of the beach they went to the restaurants, to the tourist spaces and they were here,” he declared.

The affectation will be on Miramar beach, since it does inhibit the presence of tourism when the weather conditions are not optimal; however, there are tourists who didn’t care and spent the whole day on the coast.

Business at the top

The sky in Tampico is cloudy on Good Friday after a stormy night, it is neither cold nor hot, so tourism began to saturate the streets of the city, the squares of the Historic Center and the market.

“Here, wherever you go, you eat delicious food,” a man tells his family as they cross Calle Colón toward Plaza de Armas, in search of lunch. “I’m craving some chilaquiles,” says the man dressed in a shirt and shorts. On Salvador Díaz Mirón street, which is pedestrian, a couple asks “Where is the market? That one that looks pretty in the photos” and another person answers “it is two blocks away; you won’t walk that far”.

The supply center, located in the Historic Center, has an influx that is not normal and is due to tourists, who in groups of 5, 10 or even 15 people look for food to start the day of tours.

A young woman who works in a gastronomic business, exactly in a place focused on seafood, approaches her boss, and says “we are going to need another table, there are ten people, also more chairs. How do we do it?”

The owner of the place tells him to go borrow more chairs and that another table will be set up. “It’s really crazy, it’s been like that since 10 in the morning,” said the person in charge of the fresh seafood store.

The weather did not benefit in this Easter holiday season and businesses present economic losses due to not having the expected movement.

The councilor president of the Economic Development Commission, Ángel Maldonado, mentioned that they did a survey with businessmen and merchants, who report that their sales have not been what was expected, but they still have hope that things can improve this weekend.

“We did a survey, and the merchants tell us that they have had sales but not what they logically expected due to the weather, but hoping that this weekend is fine and Easter week, there are no more bad forecasts for now, so the hope is that it can improve.”

This happened mainly on Miramar beach to the north, where it was recorded that beyond the minor drop in temperature, there was a north that blew up the sand and that caused disagreement among those present.

Source: Milenio