VIDEO: Tourists dance El Payaso de Rodeo in the middle of the pedestrian zone of Tampico


For a few minutes, the pedestrian area of the Historic Center became a huge dance floor

Not only the beach or the bars will be the only places for people to dance, since a couple of urban musicians made the people who passed through the pedestrian zone of the Historic Center of Tampico dance, when they interpreted the famous melody “Payaso of Rodeo”.

Barely a few notes of the popular Caballo Dorado song the people would gather in front of the musicians and without much difficulty, the choreography dance begah, which is already part of the Mexican popular culture.

Who were the musicians who played Payaso de Rodeo in the Tampico pedestrian street?

Those responsible for making Tampico residents and tourists move to the country rhythm were those of Tocando Ando, a couple of musicians made up of Marco and Esteban, who play the violin and the cello, and who usually play in the street to delight people. with his instrumental versions of rock and pop songs.

On this occasion, by placing themselves at the height of Olmos street, the duo immediately conquered the pedestrians who walked through the Plaza de Armas yesterday Thursday night, and only a few seconds were enough after starting to play the “Payaso de Rodeo” , when a couple arrived and began to dance.

Not even a minute had passed when three lines had formed, made up of approximately twenty people, who began to move to the rhythm of the song, first slowly and then more quickly.

The musicians will continue to perform in the downtown area

A video of the moment began to circulate on social networks and in which it can be seen how at the end of the performance, people broke into applause for the musicians and others thanked them with a tip for their performance and for the party atmosphere that was created.  For their part, Internet users highlighted that the tourists who appreciated this moment, took a very memorable impression of the city.

While on their social networks, the musicians thanked the people who participated and interacted with their music and pointed out that this holiday season they will perform in the pedestrian zone, for those who would like to listen and support them with their music, and that by playing “Payaso de rodeo” made Tampico dance.

Source: El Sol deTampico