Tamaulipas bans the sale and display of violent toys


The decree was published in the Official State Gazette and will come into operation starting this Tuesday, April 30.

The ban on the sale of violent toys comes into effect on Children’s Day, April 30, prohibiting the sale and display of war toys, exact replicas of firearms. Those who do not comply with the measure will be subject to sanctions.

The initiative was proposed by deputy Casandra de los Santos, who argued in the Tamaulipas Congress that many of the toys displayed in the state violate the laws. She mentioned that products resembling 9 mm Pietro Beretta pistols, Glok 19C 9 mm, .38 and .32 special caliber revolvers, and .22, as well as 380 automatic, 32, 25, and 22 calibers, replicas of firearms exclusively used by the Army, are being sold.

Authorities can now request commercial establishments that sell, rent, or use war toys to restrict their public display, and in case of refusal, they will be subject to sanctions provided by law and other applicable regulations.

It is also emphasized that actions should be implemented to inform and spread awareness about the negative impact of war-like toys on girls, boys, and adolescents.

Source: Milenio