More than 7,000 People Will Attend the Mexican Petroleum Congress 2024 in Tampico


The most important congress in the energy sector, the Mexican Petroleum Congress, will take place in Tampico for the first time in 2024.

Scheduled from June 19 to 22 at the Expo Tampico facilities, this event is expected to bring an economic impact of 130 million pesos to the Tampico, Madero, and Altamira metropolitan area, according to José Ramón Silva, Secretary of Energy Development.

Why Was Tampico Chosen as the 2024 Venue?

The selection of Tampico as the host city is not coincidental. Tamaulipas stands out as a crucial energy hub on the national stage. With guaranteed private company investments of up to 20 billion dollars, the state positions itself as a nerve center for energy sector activities.

“There are energy-related programs offered at institutions like the Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero, including petroleum engineering and geology. These educational offerings contribute to supplying highly skilled personnel to the industry,” explained the interviewee.

The educational offerings at institutions like the Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero and the University of Northeast, with specialized programs in petroleum engineering and geology, help nurture highly trained personnel for the sector.

Investments Landing in Southern Tamaulipas: 11 Billion USD

Silva highlighted that the planned extraction in the Trión field alone will bring 11 billion dollars in investments in the medium term. Additionally, there is a 4-billion-dollar liquefied natural gas plant in Altamira.

Furthermore, the northeastern port in Matamoros is being developed to supply the oil industry.

Therefore, the Mexican Petroleum Congress is well-justified in choosing Tampico as its next venue due to the surrounding industry and the medium-term projects unfolding in the state.

Source: El Sol de Tampico