Aliens and UFOs are the theme of the venture to attract tourists in southern Tamaulipas


Green figures with a large head, huge and thin eyes, are not only sold as tourist attractions among artisans or expressed on a T-shirt, but they also inspire entrepreneurship.

The issue of aliens and Unidentified Flying Objects put Tampico and the region on the national and international map, which has motivated the opening of businesses with the concept of Martians in various products.

“UFOs attract tourists from Mexico City, they don’t call them Martians, they call them UFOs,” said Ary Muñoz, owner of a Martian-themed restaurant.

Green figures with large heads, huge and thin eyes, are not only sold as tourist attractions in the form of key rings among artisans or embodied on a T-shirt, but they also inspire entrepreneurship.

Due to the theory of an alleged alien invasion, they go to Miramar beach

The southern and northern zone of Veracruz is famous, apparently there is a base 3.5 kilometers from the Miramar breakwater, so tourists believe and think that the aliens are in Tampico, because of all the cyclones that have diverted.

In other words, all the possible storms whose direction has been to Tampico and its conurbation have been diverted, because since the cyclone of 1955 there has not been a destructive impact on the city, an issue that has not been alien to National Geographic.

Restaurants have a concept that has already begun to attract the attention of customers, an experience that is not common in the gastronomic field, even a person dressed as an alien brings a Martian drink to the table.

In some restaurants that are in the North of Veracruz, they also offer dishes that attract attention for having those colors that are not common in the gastronomy of the area.

For example, an iconic dish is a Hawaiian steak a la marciana. It is a steak of various species, bathed in a pineapple sauce with green coloring, which is also delivered to your table by an extraterrestrial dancer.

Source: Milenio