Everything we know about the new vacation homes next to Playa Miramar


Ciudad Madero is becoming a preferred area for these types of vacation residence constructions due to these projects.

New housing developments are getting ready to start construction in Ciudad Madero. They aim to meet the demand for second homes in southern Tamaulipas.

These expectations are located near Playa Miramar, where the offer of spaces for rent and vacationing is growing.

Residential Housing 

This is the Andares Miramar residential project, promoted by the CH Realty company from Veracruz.

“There are 118 two-story houses; the advantage is that they are pre-sale prices and that some of the properties have bedrooms on the ground floor,” said Mauro Oviedo, master broker of the project.

Andares Miramar will be 300 meters from the sea, on Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard at the height of the Naturist Hospital. He also mentioned that they will be on the side of the boulevard where Playa Miramar is located.

Homes with dimensions of 150 and 170 square meters 

“We are already in the stage of leveling; it is a developer that comes from Veracruz and has a presence in Tabasco and Boca del Río,” the interviewee highlighted.

He mentioned that the units have a cost of two million 500 thousand pesos and two million 850 thousand pesos.

What are the phases of the project? 

“This project is divided into three stages, and the first consists of 65 homes; the first phase is estimated to be finished between December and January, and it is expected to be completely concluded in two years”

He warned that second homes for foreigners and Mexicans with purchasing power are one of the segments with the most growth in the country; many vacation residences are being built in beach destinations.

Therefore, real estate agents in this region are attracting investors from other parts of the country to take another look at Playa Miramar, where there is great potential for vacation housing.

Source: El Sol de Tampico