Shippers must seek out experienced cross-border providers during Mexican market boom


Growing Interest in Mexican Manufacturing and Cross-Border Logistics

Companies are increasingly captivated by the prospects of manufacturing in Mexico. In 2023, Mexico surpassed China as the top exporter to the U.S., marking a significant milestone after years of steady progress. During this same period, the markets in Laredo, Texas, and Tucson, Arizona experienced a remarkable surge in popularity.

Mexico is poised to maintain its momentum, continuing to attract business and make headlines as the well-documented trend of nearshoring persists. Notably, foreign domestic investment in Mexico reached a record high over the past two years.

Getting Started in Mexico

Establishing a manufacturing presence in Mexico requires patience. The impact of these investments will unfold over several years. Constructing facilities from scratch is inherently complex and time-consuming.

However, manufacturers already operating in Mexico have swiftly adapted their operations. Sometimes, a simple adjustment like adding an extra shift can enhance efficiency. Lance Dixon, Werner’s Senior Vice President for Mexico, Canada, and Temperature-Controlled divisions, has observed many customers taking this route.

Choosing the Right Cross-Border Logistics Partner

As trade between the U.S. and Mexico intensifies, shippers face critical decisions regarding cross-border logistics partners.

While numerous logistics companies offer cross-border services, the intricacies of moving freight efficiently between Mexico and the U.S. demand an experienced and innovative partner.

“Cross-border logistics is highly complex,” Dixon emphasized. “It differs significantly from domestic freight within the U.S., presenting a fresh set of challenges.”

These challenges include managing paperwork, understanding taxes and duties, and navigating varying regulations. Inexperienced logistics partners may lead to frustration and costly delays.

Leveraging Cross-Border Expertise

Werner stands out for its reputable cross-border expertise, enabling swift decisions without compromising quality. The company leverages its experience to deftly address customer issues, thanks in part to established relationships with other players, including Mexican carriers.

Dixon encourages shippers to seek partners with this level of experience, emphasizing the ability to scale up as volumes grow. As Mexican exports continue to rise, these relationships become increasingly crucial.

The Werner Advantage

Werner has been facilitating freight movement between Mexico and the U.S. for 25 years. From its origins as a dry van operation with one office and three associates, Werner has evolved into a powerhouse. As of March 2024, the company boasts four offices, 150 associates, two owned terminals, and four drop yards spanning Texas to California. Its offerings now include reefer services, pure brokerage solutions, power-only solutions, intermodal services, and transloading.

This impressive evolution positions Werner as one of the most experienced cross-border partners in the industry today.

“We don’t just practice; we’re experts,” Dixon affirmed. “We know what we’re doing.”

Source: Freight Waves