Island for sale in Tamaulipas and this is its price


“Buy an island and get lost,” says the publication circulating on social networks.

On social networks there are sales of various products and services, even houses and vehicles, but on this occasion an advertisement caught attention. And a person is selling an island in Tamaulipas, yes, a piece of land in the middle of the water and outside of urbanity; we tell you more.

The offer was published in a sales group and they make the comment “Buy an island and get lost” is now possible.

According to the publication, made by a real estate agent, the island has an area of 3 hectares, is called “La Esmeralda and is located in Barra del Tordo.

“Located on the river that flows into the Barra del Tordo in Aldama, Tamaulipas.”

How much does the island they sell in Tamaulipas cost?

The publication states that the cost is 2 million 800 thousand pesos and an extra cost is added, since currently 800 pesos are paid per year for that concession, which is 40 years old with a permit granted for 100 years but clarifies that it can be renewed.

The real estate agent affirms that the entire procedure will be before a notary to give legality to the process in case someone decides to buy this island in Tamaulipas.

To attract clients, he states that it is “ideal for fishermen, a vacation project, making a hotel or your island with a pool and house”, although there is no common transportation, you must arrive by boat from Barra del Tordo.

Source: Milenio