Private investment in Tampico still lags behind with the rescue of natural sites: appraisers


Sectors such as the Carpintero lagoon there is greater recovery of squares and natural spaces, but more PI plans are required

While sectors in Tampico adjacent to the Carpintero lagoon are recovered by the municipal authority to design or rescue spaces for the entertainment of its inhabitants, the private initiative is still far from matching these works and increasing all the projected offer in the tourism sector in this part of the southern zone of Tamaulipas.

Given this trend in recent weeks, the Association of Appraisers aims to give a greater movement within the public sector, not only with the current scenario that includes the fairgrounds, livestock and the remodeled park, but others such as the nursery and the plans for unite the recreation point with the Pánuco river.

“You can see this growing interest in the public sector to recover abandoned parks or facilities that serve families. Currently they are already open, while on the private side there are various plans, especially vertical housing, although to a lesser extent, which is necessary to take advantage of it to reinforce all these actions,” said President Héctor Segura Deantes.

The aforementioned civil association, made up of experts located in this region, mentioned that the perspective should be supported by cases similar to others such as Guadalajara or Puebla, whose territorial reserve is scarce and began to grow upwards, with apartment and office towers.

“These cities are the clear example of what can be done when you do not have territorial capacity to increase the supply of housing, or of other projects of this type in denser metropolitan areas. We hope that with these public works focused on the aforementioned parks , encourage more private capital to carry out projects for the benefit not only of trade and tourism, but also of society in general,” said Segura Deantes.

Source: Milenio