Tan-Quasha Williams, Foreigner, Dies During Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Orlando Villanueva in Matamoros


To Save Money, Foreigner Dies During Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Tan’Quasha Williams traveled to Matamoros for her cosmetic surgery; however, she died during the operation.

Tan’Quasha Williams, a 30-year-old woman, traveled to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure at a good price; however, she died during the operation.

According to her family, the California native had been saving up to pay for the surgery that would make her feel better about herself.

For some time, she had wanted to fulfill her dream of a “mommy makeover,” but the cost of surgery in the United States was quite high: $25,000, about more than 400,000 Mexican pesos.

After some time, she found an advertisement on Facebook for something more “accessible” at the clinic of Dr. Orlando Villanueva in Matamoros.

Williams did not hesitate to take advantage of the low cost of the procedure offered by the Mexican medical center, as for only $4,000, her life was going to change.

Therefore, she accepted the proposal to undergo a breast lift, abdominal flattening, and thigh reduction.

The woman, a mother of two young girls, did not survive the operation and died.

Authorities indicated that her death was due to a “rupture of multiple blood vessels in the chest and abdominal muscle region.”

Once the family contacted the authorities to initiate legal proceedings, they were informed that Dr. Orlando Villanueva did not have the corresponding license to perform cosmetic interventions.

Furthermore, the clinic also lacked the health permits to operate.

Williams’ body was repatriated to give her a final farewell in her place of origin.

As of now, it is unknown if the alleged doctor or medical personnel involved are being sought by the authorities of Tamaulipas.

Although the death of Tan’Quasha Williams occurred in February, her family has only recently made the case known so that people do not fall for these deceptive advertisements and put their lives at risk.

Source: N+