Tamaulipas expects a boost in real estate development in 2023


The estimated real estate development for 2023 will further boost the added value of southern Tamaulipas, considered the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals ( AMPI ). “Tampico and Altamira will benefit the most from the construction of shopping malls and residential housing scheduled for this year,” he explained.

In addition, he assured that the increase in capital gains in the properties surrounding these new projects is inevitable and something that should be viewed favorably.

However, it is important to point out that the surplus value has been reflected since 2022, with the increase in the costs of construction materials, developers have reflected this in their prices.

Projects that will promote greater housing development in Tamaulipas

According to the president of the AMPI, Verónica González, one of the most avant-garde works planned for the state is Punta Loma.

It is a 13-story building with an investment of 600 million pesos that will have commercial spaces. According to information from the agency, this property will be located on Faja de Oro avenue in Tampico.

Other relevant projects are a GT Global shopping center and an intermodal logistics terminal in Altamira.

“Both will allow the value of land in the region to increase considerably,” explained the president.

On this, he added that the construction of commercial, industrial and corporate spaces will have a plus to offer customers.

“When it comes to promoting investment, it certainly helps that there are investment projects around,” he commented.

Finally, the official highlighted that more and more consortiums or companies are interested in investing in the southern zone of Tamaulipas. “Thanks to the real estate trigger, there will be a greater capital gain for the region, especially in the construction of vertical complexes due to the lack of land.”

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