Texas begins construction of the floating wall in Río Bravo 


EL PASO.- The Governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, reported that his government has begun the construction of the water wall on the Rio Grande in order to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States. 

     Today begins the installation of a new marine barrier in the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo). Texas DPS is overseeing the project at Eagle Pass,” he said Friday on his Twitter account. 

In a short video that accompanied his publication, you can see the discharge of some orange buoys that would prevent migrants from passing through the Rio Grande, on the border with Mexico. 

A month ago, the Texas Government announced the construction of a 300-meter floating barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande. 

Abbott said the barrier would be made up of buoys about a meter wide. 

Although the floating barrier would only cover a small section of the border, Abbott mentioned that the buoys could be moved to other hotspots and expanded in the future. 

The announcement by Abbott, a Republican in his third term, was the latest effort by Republican state leaders to focus attention on the large number of migrants seeking asylum in the United States, many of whom enter through Texas. 

The buoy barrier is in addition to other actions that Texas has taken in its multi-million dollar program to deter crossings, including the deployment of National Guard and State Police members, as well as the placement of barbed wire along the banks of the Rio Grande. 

Source: El Imparcial