American survivor of Matamoros kidnapping is arrested in North Carolina


One of two people who made national attention for surviving a kidnapping in Mexico last month was arrested on Friday, April 14th, in Myrtle Beach, NC.

Latavia Washington McGee was charged with delinquency of a minor after she allegedly took her daughter to Spivey Street to fight another child in February, according to a police incident report. The child was removed from the location by another family member.

That was the second fight that day with the people involved, the report says.

A mother involved pulled a small black pistol from her purse and started waving it around, the report says. It’s unclear if this was McGee.

McGee was released on Sunday with a $10,000 bond.

McGee, a Lake City resident, was part of a group that traveled to Mexico in March for a cosmetic procedure. Eric Williams, another Lake City resident, also survived.

Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown were killed. The group wound up in the crossfire of Mexican drug cartels.

Source: AP

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