3 million tourists will arrive in the southern zone of Tamaulipas after completing road works


Adrián Oseguera states that projects such as Tampico-Tuxpan, Tam-Bajío and the Victoria-Monterrey expansion will be triggers.

As of 2024, an additional 3 million visitors will arrive in the southern zone of Tamaulipas with the completion of the highway works that are underway and that will connect the destination with several states of the Mexican Republic.

The mayor, Adrián Oseguera Kernion, commented that the Tampico-Tuxpan, the Tam-Bajío highway and the expansion to four lanes from Monterrey, Nuevo León to the capital of Tamaulipas, Ciudad Victoria, are underway, which will increase by the middle of next year the arrival of visitors.

“In the middle of next year, we believe that the highways will be completed, the Tuxpan one before, the Bajío one is 120 kilometers, all of this will leave the entire metropolitan area with some three million additional tourists, an impressive growth, it will further consolidate the destination made up of Tampico, Ciudad Madero and Altamira”.

The mayor clarified some rumors that circulate about how much the influencer’s show cost.

In this sense, he urged businessmen to start investing in Miramar beach in Ciudad Madero to be prepared and receive this tourism that will request hotel rooms, since the past six-year term land has been sold for the construction of housing complexes and hotels .

“With the highways that are coming, hotel occupancy will increase, since condominiums are already being built, properties have been acquired, the growth that we wanted for so many years here in Ciudad Madero is coming, many sources of employment will be generated and they will be injected soon 400 million pesos in those constructions”.

The municipal president touched on the subject of Holy Week and stated that the influx statistics were very good, receiving more than half a million people and more than a thousand charter buses with tourists from different states of the Mexican Republic.

He announced that although the holidays have not ended, they are already preparing for the summer and they hope that the weather will be good so that everyone can enjoy the beach without setbacks, as happened at Easter.

Source: Milenio