Millionaire losses due to the closure of international bridges: FECANACO


The partial and constant closures of international bridges in recent days, mainly in Matamoros, are seriously affecting the economy of the region, causing millions in economic losses on both sides of the border; assured Julio Almanza Armas, president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the State of Tamaulipas (FECANACO).

He explained that for several weeks, without prior notice and at any time, the CBP of the United States has been carrying out total or partial closures, or the number of inspection booths has decreased, causing lines of up to 3 hours, which discourages economic and commercial activity.

He stressed that not only Mexicans but also American citizens and residents who do not want to go to or from the neighboring country, so these actions affect both nations equally, since both Mexico and the United States depend to a large extent on cross-border buyers.

He highlighted that the bridges that connect Tamaulipas with the United States have been closed by the authorities of that country, which has generated long lines, delays and millions in losses for merchants and carriers in the region.

Both sides of the border must find a solution

He stated that the authorities on both sides of the border must work together to find a solution that allows the safe and rapid transit of people and goods, without harming the economy of the region, it is necessary to guarantee the free flow of trade, tourism, and work.

During this week that just ended, there were around five reports of closures of the international bridges, mainly the General Ignacio Zaragoza better known as “Los Tomates”, where foreign trade is affected, since the crossing of freight trucks is paralyzed.

Source: El Mañana