Toll booth of the Tampico Bridge saturated by vacationers: they have already opened another lane


Pueblo Viejo, Ver., April 2.- Holy Week vacationers congest the toll booths of the Tampico Bridge, which causes lines of more than one kilometer, mainly in the north-south lane, for which urge drivers heading north of Veracruz to exercise extreme caution.

The director of Civil Protection of Pueblo Viejo, René del Ángel Ánimas, made it known and indicated that it is an unusual flow of vehicles on this road.

He points out that the toll collection staff counts the passage of approximately a thousand vehicles per hour on this toll road at peak times, where an average of more than 35 thousand units circulate per day.

This flow of travelers causes an increase in units circulating on Federal Highway 180 Matamoros-Puerto Juárez, which increases the risk of accidents, for which the Civil Protection and National Guard authorities urge drivers to take all kinds of precautions.

From very early on passage of vacationers began on the Matamoros-Puerto Juárez highway, mainly in the lane that runs from north to south, in which numerous units with foreign license plates could be seen heading south of Veracruz or other states of the country.

The National Guard authorities urge travelers to take all kinds of precautions when driving on federal roads, respect speed limits, not drive tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to prevent accidents.

The toll booth number 49 corresponding to the Tampico Bridge toll collection has become a serious mobility problem, especially during holiday periods.

The increase in vehicular flow and the saturation of the north to south lane, caused a third lane to be enabled to provide fluidity to the circulation of units, leaving only one lane on the road that runs from south to north.

Source: El Sol de Tampico