Mayor of Nuevo Laredo celebrated her birthday in the facilities property of the Municipal Government


With mariachi, a group of Grupero music, and food for hundreds of guests, the Mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Carmen Lilia Canturosas, who is a distinguished member of the MORENA political party (and very close to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador), celebrated her birthday on March 28th, in the facilities property of the Municipal Government of Nuevo Laredo.

“Let the celebrations begin at the Municipal Presidency! What a pleasant surprise, these moments fill my heart with joy, I value this attention very much. Thanks to the work team, they are also my family,” Canturosas said on her social networks.

From the second-floor window in the office where she works as Mayor, Canturosas greeted dozens of municipal workers who were on the esplanade.

400 people were invited to the party in the Nuevo Laredo government palace

She then walked downstairs to receive the congratulations, while a mariachi sang “Las Mañanitas”.

Among the crowd, the Morena member greeted each of her employees at the City Hall.

At the municipal office of the Comprehensive Management and Care Center, she was congratulated by top-level officials and trusted employees.

Even though Nuevo Laredo is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico and the American Continent, Canturosas (a distinguished member of MORENA), celebrated her birthday using the facilities property of the municipal government.

The reception for the birthday of the Morenista politician was held in the facilities of the City Hall gym after banners were hung with the institutional image of the municipality, and the Morena logo.

In said room, where she entertained a group of grupero music, more than a thousand guests gathered, according to the images she published of the party.

“Celebrating one more year of life, and what better way to celebrate it but with the love of all of you, my Nuevo Laredo family,” Canturosas expressed in one of the reels she recorded on social networks, in which she could be seen dancing and laughing at loud.

“Good afternoon, how are you? Well, the truth is that I am very happy to be celebrating my birthday, with so many good wishes, so many beautiful messages on my social networks, phone calls from my collaborators, with all the love that everyone has for me and so many good things they wish me,” the mayor brazenly declared.

“Thank you very much, I am very happy to be here and with lots of love from my collaborators, with lots of flowers and lots of affection, and that is something you can’t pay for with anything,” Canturosas concluded.

The city of Nuevo Laredo has one of the most significant border crossings, through which most Mexican-American trade occurs. Thanks to this, there is a high level of illegal defectors trying to cross the Mexican-American border by hook or crook illegally.

The level of Crime in Nuevo Laredo is very high. Since every Mexican border city is quite unsafe, Nuevo Laredo isn’t an exception.

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