There was a Secret Service Agency in Tamaulipas: it was in Tampico


It is true, the Secret Service existed in Tamaulipas. In 1951, Tampico had its own information agency. Find out what the characteristics of the researchers were, what requirements they had to meet and what they did in Puerto Jaibo

When we hear the words “Secret Service” we think of a United States intelligence agency. Although this image is not wrong, it is incomplete. The Federal Security Directorate (DSF) began operations in Mexico in 1947. By 1951, there was already an office of the Secret Service in Tamaulipas, specifically, in Tampico. This is the story.

According to the book “Intelligence services in Mexico, yesterday and today”, written by Otto Cáceres and Lucía Jasso, for the UNAM Social Research Institute, it was not until 1981 that the 32 states of the Republic had their own intelligence office, Secret Service.

The newspaper archive of El Sol de Tampico confirms the existence of an agency with this name in the city, during the year 1951, being the head of the corporation, Margarito Cavazos Jr. The information can be corroborated in the newspaper of October 2 of the mentioned year.

What was the Federal Security Directorate (DFS) doing?

The book by Cáceres and Jasso indicates that the official founding of the Federal Security Directorate (DFS) took place in 1953. However, since 1947 there are already vestiges of this organization.

According to the Official Gazette of the Federation, the DFS had the responsibility of investigating, monitoring, locating, and conducting suspected criminals, as well as federal prisoners, members of the government, and witnesses.

The DFS was advised, in its beginnings, by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (CIA, for its acronym in English), through courses on the methodology of criminal investigation.

However, based on certain testimonies collected by Cáceres and Jasso, in addition to the functions of an intelligence service, the DFS carried out activities of dubious ethics. For example, it allegedly kept tabs on people considered “enemies” by the government.

Secret Service in Tampico

On October 2, 1951, the case of the Lee family, involved in multiple scams, monopolized the cover of El Sol de Tampico. The note specifies that the local Secret Service is in charge of directing the investigation into the murder of Ramón Lee, who, at the time of his death, had a debt to society of more than one million pesos.

According to the reading of “Intelligence services in Mexico, yesterday and today”, these were the requirements to become a secret agent:

Be familiar with the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States

Have knowledge of national geography

Good management of various means of transport

Easy to remember official passwords

Have telegraphy skills

The following is a list of how the Secret Service operated both in Tampico and in the rest of the Republic:

They hid their identity, presented themselves as journalists, merchants, members of public or private assistance organizations.

They did not trust anyone, they did not divulge either the nature of their work or the newly assigned mission.

They carried a camera, a map of the country and a city guide at all times.

They read all the available newspapers, to know both the information and the prevailing opinions in the social scene, especially in political matters.

Then yes; in Tampico there was a Secret Service Agency. Tamaulipas was one of the first states to apply the measure inaugurated in 1947 at the federal level. However, the Secret Service closed in 1980, by order of Governor Enrique Cárdenas González.

Source: El Sol de Tampico