Playazo, the event that turned Miramar beach into the largest canteen in Mexico


This event began three decades ago where students took the holidays from the Friday before Easter.

While in most of the country the Easter holiday period begins until Saturday or “Palm Sunday”, even on holy days, if you live near Miramar beach this does not apply.

If you don’t know what playazo is, here we tell you.

In the south of Tamaulipas, on the last Friday of educational activities before the vacation week, young people meet early on Miramar beach: this day is called playazo

This is how it has been for more than three decades, an event that was born from the meeting of students from the Conurbated Zone on the coast located in Ciudad Madero, among friends, music, and beer.

In the 80’s they would congregate around a ‘green house’ where the dj’s would come with disco music and they called it social Friday. They were mainly students looking to relax on the last day of school.

Massive, festive… and violent

Little by little it became more popular, to the point that at the end of the nineties and the first decade of the current century, the ‘playazo’ became massive, reaching up to 200 thousand people, mostly young people who stopped attending schools to have fun.

The fun of young people began to gain ground, to the extent that companies began to bring artists to liven up the huge riots, although most congregated around their cars.

Vehicles, loud music, friends, beer… even fights and arrests.

Over the years, the authorities saw this type of event as a threat, since the excessive use of intoxicating beverages and drugs triggered immoral acts, car accidents, and even pitched fights that left a large number of injured and detainees.

The degree of freedom also began to alert civil associations that sought alternatives to stop the concentrations. Schools also created mechanisms to prevent “pints” or student escapes on the last day of school.

This fact attracted young people from other areas to attend this Miramar beach event that ended up coining the term “the largest canteen in Mexico.”

Now with fewer students out of the classroom and without alcohol consumption since the early hours of the day, the violence was reduced and the playazo was made official, including the logistics and the authorities of the vacation period.

In recent years, the influx was much lower and with greater family concentration. In 2016 and 2017, Miramar once again brought together hundreds of attendees with events, without generating crowns, where the ‘millennials’ as well as the ‘chavorrucos’ of generation x arrive.

Source: Milenio