Tampico, Madero and Altamira will open shopping malls, there will be five in total!


The development of new projects continues in the southern area of Tamaulipas, proof of this is the announcement of five shopping malls on the doorstep for the La Petrolera area, Las Torres avenue, the northern area, at the entrance to Altamira and Ciudad Madero.

The real estate sector has detected new local capital investments that are in the process of being carried out, some of them are advanced.

“Up to five commercial projects are on the horizon for areas such as La Petrolera, Las Torres, the northern zone, the beginnings of Altamira and Madero,” revealed Verónica González, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) Tampico.

For years it was Hidalgo avenue that monopolized the new developments, now Faja de Oro avenue is competing for the interest of investments, other areas have also emerged such as the north zone that has two shopping malls of different sizes at its doorstep.

In addition, Ciudad Madero also has a strong demand for spaces for new businesses, said the specialist in the field.

“We have a good sales line, we have been privileged because we generate a good economy in the southern zone, if you go through these avenues we see that there are demolitions and new buildings, fortunately we have a moving economy.”

González added that there are several investors wanting to make places with commercial premises for sale.

“In the Oil company they are small squares and they are working a lot, there are projects with 10 stores in each square, the expectation is great, because people are encouraged to buy and rent.”

The spaces that are sought to settle occur in areas where there was a lack of space supply, “we are promoting new businesses that come to offer the service without having to go so far to do their shopping or services.”

Source: El Sol de Tampico