“Miramar Beach is in Ciudad Madero”, a new tourist brand to avoid confusion


The city council will promote its own brand so that the identity of the municipality is not lost. Playa Miramar was the most visited destination in Tamaulipas during Holy Week.

A new tourist brand will be born, which will be called “Miramar Beach in Ciudad Madero” to promote this destination nationally and internationally, with the aim of not losing the identity of the oil city.

The mayor, Adrián Oseguera Kernion, specified that the confusion that the beach is in Tampico must be ended, and that tourists know that it is in Ciudad Madero, one of the most important municipalities that also has one of the first refineries in all of Mexico.

“The beach is in Ciudad Madero and as mayor I have the obligation and desire to promote our municipality! Miramar beach is in Ciudad Madero, and it stays that way as long as I am mayor.”

He gave as an example that the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador announces that he is going to Ciudad Madero when he tours the Pemex refinery, therefore, that is how he wants tourists to say when they go to Playa Miramar.

To avoid falling into a controversy, Oseguera Kernion, stated that this destination receives thousands of tourists every year, but they want to send the message to all parts of the world that it is geographically located in the oil city.

“We are neighbors (Tampico), we know each other well, everyone has their tourist attractions and each municipality has the obligation to promote them, its gastronomy, history and culture, we also have it, although the beach belongs to everyone, here there is no division that is being marked, simply that it is clear at a national and international level that Miramar is in our Ciudad Madero”.

He added that everyone is welcome to one of the most important beaches in the country, which with the construction of roads that will connect with the bajio, will significantly increase the influx of tourits.

Source: Milenio