In Nuevo Laredo, a retired US marine has spent 27 years waiting for his sweetheart to come back (VIDEO)


This retired US marine has spent 27 years waiting for his sweetheart to return.

This character has stood up every February 14th, right in the same spot for several hours during the last 27 years in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Every Valentine’s Day 58-year-old Esteban Perez stands on this street corner with flowers for three or four hours, hoping that a woman he met at a nightclub in 1996 will show up.

Perez fell madly in love with this mysterious woman named Cecilia, apparently, from Nuevo Laredo.

The couple dated for two months before Cecilia ended the relationship.

Esteban Perez, Retired U.S. Marine declared: “I am still single, I have no children, I have never married, and I have never looked for another girl because I would never see in any other girl what I saw in Cecilia.”

Locals have mixed opinions on Perez’s quest:

(Olivia Robles, Local) “He is very handsome and looks very handsome in his suit. She’s missing out.”

(Ana Dominguez, Local) “Let him have some therapy; it’s been over 25 years. It takes about six months to get over a bereavement; after that time, we need an intervention.”

Finally, Esteban Perez, the famous retired U.S. Marine that has been standing on the same corner every Valentine’s Day for the last 27 years stated: “Today is the last time I stand here. Today is the last day, the last time.’

Source: RN Noticias

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