Tamaulipas: Attempted Kidnapping of Young Man at International Bridge


In Tamaulipas, a group of mothers successfully prevented the kidnapping of a young man who was returning from his studies in McAllen, Texas. The incident occurred at the Plaza de la República, near the Reynosa-Hidalgo International Bridge. The young man was accosted by several men and a woman, claiming to be employees of a rehabilitation center in Reynosa, who attempted to forcibly take him into a black van.

The mothers, who were waiting for their children to cross the international bridge, intervened upon witnessing the struggle. They recognized the student as they see him cross daily after his classes in the United States. A video recorded by the mothers shows the assailants nearly succeeding in forcing the young man into the van. However, thanks to their quick action and calls for help, more women joined in to rescue the student, and his father was immediately notified.

One of the women managed to pull the student away, and the authorities were alerted, causing the men and the woman to flee in the black van. State Guard officers arrived at the scene to investigate and interview the student.

The collective “Amor por los Desaparecidos” reported on social media that around 4:45 PM at the corner of the Plaza de la República, three men and one woman attempted to kidnap a student from Los Encinos while he was waiting for his mother. The young man was reportedly hit on the head and dragged in an attempt to be taken into a black Nitro van with the license plate XLR842B. The assailants claimed to belong to the Libertad Reynosa rehabilitation center. So far, neither the Security Spokesperson’s Office nor the Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office have released any information regarding the incident12.

Source: El Universal