Miramar will have super surveillance


An operational force of more than 600 elements will be in charge of surveillance in the coastal area of Miramar beach starting from the celebration of the “playazo.”

Juan Antonio Ortega Juarez, the city’s secretary, reported that a meeting of various generations is expected to find a moment of healthy recreation.

“We have already been working to prepare ourselves in the best way to attend to the tourists who will now come for the day of the playazo, and we will be very attentive to them3. We are coordinated with the Red Cross, Civil Protection, the City Hall itself, with the modules we have on the beach to give them better attention.”

The city administration reported that there is a deployment of forces from the Secretary of the Navy, the 15th Infantry Battalion, State and National Guard, Traffic, Civil Protection, and lifeguards.

Additionally, there are approximately 150 people from various municipal departments, providing attention to visitors.

Lorena Hernández Barrera, head of the Regional Center for Educational Development, informed last weekend that parents should be aware of their children. “Parents are invited to ensure that their children are in the educational institution, as well as teachers to report any incidents.”

The directors explained that they will have to monitor school attendance during the day of the playazo. “As an authority, we have to receive the report of all the attendances of the students in the schools, we handle a percentage, like that day, the schools send us how they are doing in attendance.”

The municipal Civil Protection is preparing the operation that will be implemented in the different tourist places of Tampico, to provide security to tourists and residents of the area. Pedro Romero Sánchez, secretary of the department, said that there will be full coordination with the State Guard, Secretary of the Navy, among others.

Tourist sites such as the Laguna del Carpintero park, Chairel, and others will have the presence of personnel from these departments and corporations.

“The part that corresponds to us is to provide security to the people who visit us in each of the areas where they are for recreation. We are going to have the April festivities on the fairgrounds, we have the Laguna del Carpintero, the Fray Andrés de Olmos park, and the Chairel park, we will have personnel from both Civil Protection and Firefighters,” he explained.

Similarly, he announced that he recently met with the people who organize the fair to finalize details about the respective security operation.

“We already have personnel assigned to the installation of the mechanical games, we are doing the review so that it is done with all the security for the workers for the safety of the people,” he mentioned.

He specified that before the mechanical games start operating, tests are done to verify that everything is in order.

Source: Expresso