Cruise company offers jobs in Tampico: check when and where the recruitment will be 


In Tamaulipas, due to the opening of new companies and production expansions, more than 16,000 job vacancies are being offered at this time. An example of this is a cruise company will recruit in Tampico in the near future, check the details. 

In addition, another company, Skydropx, which has recently arrived in Tampico and is dedicated to logistics and marketing management for SMEs offers 150 vacancies. 

“In a first stage there are 30 vacancies, but they plan to expand their job offer to 150 jobs in the following months for different positions. 

This with very competitive salaries of 8,000 pesos a month up to 20,000 pesos a month, plus commissions for operational positions and 60,000 pesos for managerial positions,” said Olga Sosa, secretary of labor in Tamaulipas. 

They will recruit for cruise ships in Tampico: check where to apply 

On September 5 and 6, the company MSC Cruises, which operates a cruise line, has a job bank to hire 14,000 people, will visit Tampico. 

They will be recruiting personnel in Tamaulipas from September 5 to 11 of this year, and they will have interviews for two days at the offices of the National Employment Service in Tampico, so those who are interested can attend. 

“It is the opportunity for those who have always wanted to travel the world, they can do it working on a cruise ship. 

If you have a related career such as tourism, international relations, gastronomy, experience in the service sector such as restaurants, this is your opportunity to do it”. 

They will be able to work on a ship legally supported by the state government, there are high expectations that a very large affiliation can be made in Tamaulipas. 

She added that there are also two companies that are growing their production capacity on the border and will be expanding their workforce. 

One of them is Medlife, which will expand its production line with three thousand vacancies. 

In addition to Valeo Sistemas Electrónicos in Río Bravo, which will open 1,500 jobs in a factory focused on cameras for the automotive sector. 

“By having labor certainty and an alliance between the government and workers, more investment is translated for Tamaulipas.” 

The goal at the end of 2023 is to exceed 700,000 formal jobs in the state of Tamaulipas, at the moment there are 16,000 vacancies in the state, 11,500 people have been linked to a job, of which the 30% is through job fairs and regional units of the National Employment Service. 

Now you know, from September 5 to 11 the recruitment to work on a cruise ship in the south of Tamaulipas will take place. If you are from Tampico and you studied Tourism or your dream is to travel the world and you are looking for a job, this is your opportunity. 

  Source: El Sol de Tampico