Tamaulipas teacher takes his students to space, transformed his classroom [Video] 


The universe is defined as the set of everything that exists. Within the cosmos all living beings, celestial bodies and elements are shaped, and will shape reality are grouped. Although science does not know the extension of the universe, a teacher from Tamaulipas to the surprise of his students, managed to make space fit inside a classroom. 

Through social networks, we learned about the story of Luis Eduardo Alvarado López, a basic level teacher, who on the first day of classes for the 6th “A” group, showed the students how, with imagination, infinity can be contain within four walls. 

The air-conditioned classroom is completely decorated with motifs alluding to space. 

On the walls you can see the figure of an astronaut, constellations of stars and planets. Of course, there is the Earth present. The celestial body described by Carl Sagan as “a pale blue dot.” 

Luis Alvarado received his students disguised as a cosmonaut of the NASA. 

The colors that dominate in the classroom are blue, pink and purple. Based on what was reported by the teacher, to achieve the desired result, he had the support of: Medrano, Expresión Digital Camargo and Flor Botello Valentín Castro.  

Carl Sagan, scientific popularizer, went so far as to say that human beings are stardust. The atoms that make up the body of all the people who inhabit the world come from the cosmic remains left behind by stars that completed their life cycle. 

Now, the students of 6 “A”, in the city of Camargo, will attend their school year surrounded by a symbolic representation of the universe. The design of the room involves both promoting student interest in science, as well as a way to promote their ingenuity. 

According to the Imaginative Education Research Group (GIEI), imagination fosters criteria, generates new ideas, promotes freedom of expression, facilitates teamwork and generates innovation, as well as being a key element for the integral development of people. 

The reaction on social networks shows support for this type of initiative. Thanks to the creativity of Professor Luis Alvarado, in Ciudad Camargo, Tamaulipas, the universe enters into a classroom, specifically, the immensity of space is condensed in 6 “A”. 

 Source: El Sol de Tampico