Turismo Tamaulipas answers a question to Nicola Porcella 


In recent days, a clip from the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” where Nicola Porcella asks his classmates, what is Tamaulipas like? Several of them answered him and gave him some references about what the entity is like and who also responded was the State Secretary of Tourism. 

In a video shared on TikTok, the members of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ are in the room and suddenly Nicola asks, what is Tamaulipas like? 

To which Emilio Osorio responds with a gesture to keep quiet, in the comments some assume that it is because of the security situation in some parts of the state while others affirm that it was just a joke between them. 

Then Poncho de Nigris says that “the whole movement is there” and explains that he has cities that border the United States such as Reynosa and Matamoros, to the latter city he sends his greetings and affirms that he goes often. 

Then Wendy Guevara supports her partner’s comment by saying “Matamoros, I love it too.” 

Given the wave of comments that it caused on social networks, the Tamaulipas Secretary of Tourism decided to answer Nicola and show him what the state can offer. 

“And how is Tamaulipas?” They asked at La Casa de los Famosos, so we answer them here,” says a text to accompany the video they posted on social networks. 

The images show various tourist places in Tamaulipas, where visitors can enjoy beaches, lagoons, rivers, mountains, beautiful landscapes and other attractions. 

The member of Team Infierno has earned the affection of the public and in Tamaulipas is no exception, they even made him a piñata. 

    Source: Milenio