Tesla suppliers from Spain and Korea plan to settle in Altamira;   


ALTAMIRA, TAMAULIPAS.- Tesla suppliers from Spain and Korea, plan to settle in the municipality of Altamira. 

Mayor Armando Martínez Manríquez commented that these are companies dedicated to the manufacture of lithium batteries and electrical semiconductors. 

The electrical components would be made in the Port of Altamira and would be for the Tesla plant that will be in Nuevo León and they are currently looking for land to install. 

“Welcome the investment, with what we have seen the balance is very tilted towards Altamira, they are Spain and Korea in the field of electrical semiconductors and batteries. We are promoting Altamira and the Governor is promoting the municipality, the port needed promotion”. 

Armando Martínez Manríquez, assured that the municipal administration has provided all the facilities for the arrival of the Spanish and Korean companies to materialize, “and in this way there will be a very important development, especially in lithium batteries for electric cars and that It will be a key issue.” 

 Source: Expreso Press