They cut off the fingers of a man who played slot machines in Mazatlán with a machete


In a slot machine business located in the Valle del Ejido neighborhood in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, a man armed with a machete cut off 3 fingers of one of the hands of 30-year-old Fernando who was playing in that place.

Only three days ago in the Urías neighborhood in the same city, it was reported in a similar business, that a young man had been stabbed in the buttocks, back and head, when the relief bodies appeared they determined that he had died.

A report from the Municipal Police of Mazatlán establishes that the player of the machines had to be transferred to a hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, after being attacked with a machete by an unknown person.

According to the version of the victim of the attack that caused the amputation of three fingers, a tall male person appeared unexpectedly with a machete and I blame him for having seen him under the his cart.

Last Tuesday, in the Urias neighborhood, in the port, a young-looking person was deprived of life with blows with a board, inside a business, where slot machines operate,

According to the data provided, the business, where arcade machines operate, is located on the side of the Mexico-Nogales highway, in the Urías neighborhood, where personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office began the first investigations, without disclosing details of how did the events happen on that site?

Authorities were unable to obtain data on the identity of the victim, since the people who were in that business, apparently, when he was hit with a board, withdrew from the place.

Source: El Universal