They ask tourists to bring water to Miramar beach raccoons “so they no longer drink beer”


There are tanks on the breakwaters to fill them with fresh water and it is this liquid that they consume rather than the beer.

The authorities ask to take care of the fauna that is on the breakwaters after a video broadcast on social networks where a raccoon is seen drinking beer, which can affect the health of the mammal; they ask visitors to support with water and food.

The councilor commissioner in Tourism, Dunia Marón Acuña, pointed out that both the authorities and the tourists themselves must be aware to care for these animals.

“Environmentalists, authorities, citizens, tourists, it is worth resuming the issue to put order above all animal protection and what is up to us as citizens is to care for the species,” she said.

Maron Acuña said that despite the fact that the raccoon searched through the garbage for food, it found this drink and therefore, it is important that this type of waste is not left in places where ingestion is not allowed.

“We know that this is not right, so we must be aware and not give them that type of drink. Sometimes it is exhausting that they leave everything to the authorities, one already knows where it is allowed to drink (alcohol) and where it is not, and yet authorities have to enter so that citizens understand that it is not that way, ”she said.

He reiterated the importance of citizens being aware to avoid giving up this type of drink, since it can affect these mammals.

He also asked for the contribution of the citizenry to fill the deposits that are counted in all the breakwaters with fresh water so that these little animals can cool off and prevent them from looking for other ways to hydrate.

For years the Miramar Raccoon Protection and Preservation Board, chaired by Hortencia Ruvalcaba Infante, has been in charge of feeding and hydrating these mammals.

This week, a visitor to Miramar beach recorded a video in the area of the Miramar breakwaters and in which it is observed that, on one of the garbage containers found in the place, a raccoon that is standing while with its hands holds a can of beer.

To take care of the fauna that exists on the breakwaters, the authorities ask the population to contribute in favor of their safety, after the video on social networks where a raccoon can be seen drinking beer, for which they ask tourists to bring water instead of these drinks.

Source: Sol de Tampico