“Tampico 1900”, the project for the tourist rescue of the port, what is it about?


The project includes cinemas, hotels, restaurants, shops, a museum, event halls and among other developments in Tampico.

The “Tampico 1900” project was presented for the first time in a CMIC Veracruz forum, which is committed to the historical and tourist rescue of the port of Tampico.

Miguel Baez Barrera, director of ASIPONA Tampico (National Port System Administration) was in charge of giving the details to the port community and revealed that a bid is being considered where a contract for the partial assignment of rights and use permits will be awarded for non-concession areas.

“The `Tampico 1900´ project is about to be launched, it is a historical, tourist rescue of the old Tampico Customs, it is a project to develop a cultural, museographic-historical and tourist place, which relates the importance of the port and its relationship with the city.

Objectives of the project “Tampico 1900”

The main objective of this project is to rehabilitate the old Tampico Maritime Customs, constituting a development in favor of the community.

In a promotional video it was reported, “with the urban rescue of the historic center as the place where the population lives, walks, eats, have fun and coexists, allowing contact with the Pánuco river, integrating a water front for the city contributing to the tourist repositioning of Tampico, recreating the sense of belonging of its inhabitants and the architectural value of the port infrastructure, with opening to private investment”.

Restaurants, a hotel, cinemas, and shops are displayed for the former Customs of Tampico

The project will be developed in the Old Customs building and 4 warehouses, this project implies a museographic infrastructure, which outlines the history of the city, its connection with maritime trade and the distinctive elements of the Huasteca, more than 90,000 visitors per year are expected.

There will also be a commercial, gastronomic and entertainment space, with a set of restaurants located in the corridors of the building, the central patio and on the banks of the Pánuco River, the projections are up to 130 thousand diners a year.

There will be shops, cinemas and family entertainment areas, a playroom, more than 77 thousand families are expected, also with event rooms, set up in the old Customs for weddings, graduations, congresses, and conventions projected for 120 events a year and 18 thousand attendees.

In addition, from a boutique hotel with 80 rooms, thematic festivals are also planned, with light and sound shows as the common thread for virtual reality and music experiences, more than 74,000 visitors a year are expected for those events.

The axes of the project “Tampico 1900”

For this plan, 3 axes are contemplated, an architectural draft, a contract for the partial transfer of rights and a business plan.

“The port will propose a draft to define the use that is feasible both from the perspective of the market and in the functional and patrimonial specifications, through a public bidding and a contract for the partial transfer of rights and use permits for non-residential areas will be granted”.

The business plan, which integrates the master development plan, will be proposed by investors with a 20-year vision, with a review every 5 years and a structure that allows a reasonable adjusted return to business risk.

“It will be a tourist-port development designed to show the most beautiful of nature and the best of the infrastructure of the city of Tampico.”

Source: El Sol de Tampico