These are the main tourist sites in Altamira. You must visit them!


What to do in Tamaulipas?

Altamira, land of Cuco Sánchez, virgin beach, water park, sport fishing, kayaks and more adventure sites offers you the industrial city.

If you are looking for places to visit near Altamira, Tamaulipas, this information will interest you.

Starting with the fact that the city of Altamira stands out for its industrial port, it also has incredible places to get out of your routine and discover new places.

Did you know that Altamira has its own virgin beach? This is the Tesoro beach, it is an excellent place to practice sport fishing, walk and enjoy the beach in addition to its beautiful natural environment because as it is virgin it does not have any type of infrastructure.

That is why you must bring your own umbrella, chairs and what is necessary for your stay. Don’t forget to always pick up your trash to keep the place clean.

It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, starting from the north breakwater of the entrance navigation channel to the industrial port.

Lavender Field

Altamira has the only lavender field in Tamaulipas and in the northeast of the country, which flourishes and attracts the attention of visitors from the region.

There are guided tours, and you can bring your basket of food to enjoy it in the pergola, plus they also offer you breakfast that you can enjoy while you observe an incredible landscape and have contact with nature.

This activity of going to explore the field of the harmonious lavender flower is unique and families enjoy living with the native flower of Europe that radiates a pleasant aroma, used for relaxation.

You can find the field “Lavanda s23” on the Tampico-Mante Highway km 63, Altamira Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Champayán Lagoon Park

The Champayán Park is the favorite of visitors and locals as it has several activities in addition to having a small island in front of it, in the lagoon.

It has games for the little ones, contact with nature, an outdoor gym, spaces for picnics, benches with tables to spend time with family or friends and enjoy food.

Activities such as kayaking, boating, fishing, biking or simply taking a walk with the beautiful view of the park and the lagoon.

You can find it in front of Manuel Cavazos Lerma boulevard in the center of Altamira.

Golden Dunes Beach

As its name indicates, it has beautiful sand dunes, an excellent site, to access you can use a raizer or all-terrain cars.

You can swim, do water sports, and sunbathe on the fullness of its golden beach. In the same way you can bring your own things to settle in and spend an incredible day.

It is located 25 minutes from the urban corridor Luis Donaldo Colosio.

Water park

The water park is the favorite in seasons of high temperatures, it has a slide, a wading pool, and a pool for adults.

You can spend an excellent day with your family and have a lot of fun as well as refresh yourself, for a very good price in the cost of entry. Right here you find a soda fountain.

It is located on the Highway to Puerto Industrial, Potosina, 89600 Altamira, Tamaulipas.

Santiago Apostle Parish

One of the most emblematic buildings in Altamira is the Church of Santiago Apostol, which begun in 1747 and completed 50 years later, which, according to popular belief, it was built with a mixture in which cow’s milk was used, paying tribute to the rich cattle area found in the region.

You can find it in Calle Capitán Pérez SN, Zona Centro, 89607 Altamira, Tamaulipas.

Plaza de Armas of Altamira

It is the main square of Altamira where you can spend a good day with your family, you can find gastronomy, landscapes, as well as eat a delicious trole (esquite). In front of the square, you will find the Altamira town hall and important places in the city. From there you can explore the beautiful streets of the city center.

Roundabout Cuco Sanchez

Cuco Sánchez boulevard where there is a roundabout in the shape of a guitar with botanical elements, lights, beautiful architecture and also when you drive by, you can hear fragments of songs by Cuco. Here you can see the sculpture of the singer-songwriter made in bronze and life-size. He is an illustrious character, a singer-songwriter from ALtamira, whose work enriched the history of Mexican popular culture, as well as being an active character in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema

Source: Milenio