Tamaulipas could access Tesla vacancies in Nuevo León


Victoria City, Tamaulipas. – The Secretary of Labor in Tamaulipas, Olga Sosa Ruiz, stressed that Tamaulipas has trained professionals to access any of the 12 vacancies offered by the international company that will operate in Nuevo León.

Sosa Ruiz said that an alliance with Tesla would be sought through the National Employment Service (SNE) so that they are recruiting in Tamaulipas, as was done in the case of the Dos Bocas Refinery in Tabasco, the guards for the Welfare Banks and the nurses for Germany.

“Surely we will make the alliance so that Tesla is here,” she said.

She highlighted that, with the arrival of this international company, Mexico won, Nuevo León won, and the people of Tamaulipas also won.

She recalled that at least two Tamaulipas companies from Nuevo Laredo will be Tesla’s suppliers in Nuevo León, and as far as the competence of the Ministry of Labor is concerned, she would be aware of the working conditions.

“We have seen Tesla’s salary proposal as a mechatronics engineer there is an offer of 180 thousand pesos per month. We will do our job to export, have internal labor mobility as we call it in the Secretariat so that they go to Nuevo León to work, ” she concluded.


Mechatronics Engineer: up to 160,000 pesos per month.

Robotics engineer: up to 111 thousand pesos per month.

Regional supplier industrialization engineer: up to 85 thousand pesos per month.

Service manager: up to 71 thousand pesos per month.

Senior accountant: up to 76 thousand pesos per month.

Project manager: up to 75 thousand pesos per month.

Marketing Director: up to 73 thousand pesos per month.

Recruiter: up to 63 thousand pesos per month.

Industrial engineer: up to 36 thousand pesos per month.

Construction supervisor: up to 27 thousand pesos per month.

Environmental engineer: up to 18 thousand pesos per month.

Robotics Engineer: up to 105 thousand pesos per month.

Those interested in Tesla vacancies in the country can consult the details and apply through the following link: https://www.tesla.com/es_MX/careers/search/?site=MX

Source: Hoy Tamaulipas