A huge crocodile captured; It was walking through the streets of Tampico


‘Juancho’ leaves his habitat through a canal, walks in the streets of Colonia Azteca in Tampico

According to the report, the saurian averaged 2.20 meters in length

Residents of the Colonia Azteca in Tampico experienced moments of panic when they noticed the presence of a huge crocodile that roamed the streets of that sector.

They immediately gave notice through the emergency number 911, fire brigade personnel moved immediately to try to capture the saurian.

Presumably Juancho left his natural habitat through a canal until he reached the colony located a few blocks from Fidel Velázquez Boulevard, in the port municipality.

The elements of the emergency body belonging to S.O.S crocodile, captured the huge lizard and removed it from the site, putting the population to safety.

According to the report, it measured 2.20 meters in length, and due to the danger, it represents for people, it had to be captured after intense maneuvers, and it was immediately transferred to the fire department facilities located a short distance from the Laguna del Carpintero.

Aid personnel reiterate the call to the entire population so that when detecting the presence of alligators near to their homes do not try to capture them to avoid risks, it is necessary to notify the corporation where there are personnel prepared to carry out the maneuvers necessary to capture this type of specimens.

Source: Milenio