Dos Bocas Refinery will open 2 thousand vacancies for workers from Tamaulipas; they will pay up to 60,000 pesos


Workers from Tamaulipas are invited to work on the construction of the Dos Bocas Refinery.

The Dos Bocas Refinery continues with its job offer for workers in the metal-mechanic industry of Tamaulipas. For this season and through the National Employment Service (SNE), they are requesting 2,000 positions only from Tamaulipas, with specialists located in Altamira and Tampico, with salaries of a maximum of 60,000 pesos.

This demand aims to reinforce the facility located in Tabasco and which, according to the Secretary of Energy Rocío Nahle García, expects to start operations at the end of the first half of this year. The Tamaulipas Secretary of Labor announced this opportunity for welders, pailers and tubers.

“Within the internal mobility program in the country, there are 2,000 jobs available in different trades to be used at the Dos Bocas Refinery. This is from companies in the metal-mechanic industry in charge of their recruitment, aimed exclusively at workers in the Tamaulipas sector,” said Olga Sosa Ruiz.

In the last two years, the Techint recruiter has been in charge of evaluating applicants, many of whom have not been active since the projects in the construction yards of oil platforms in the ports of Altamira and Tampico were closed. More than a thousand workers are estimated to have participated in the construction of the work of the federal government. Recently, in Altamira a call was made. The goal was to recruit 300 elements.

“Regarding jobs such as welders, pipes and bearings that the industry requests for the development of the work in the southeast of Mexico, the salaries range from 40 to 60 thousand peso ,” added Sosa Ruiz.

A few weeks ago, Governor Américo Villarreal Anaya and Energy Commissioner José Ramón Silva Arizabalo accompanied federal officials on a tour of the Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) complex. In it, Nahle García recognized the participation of Tamaulipas both with labor and with technicians in operations.

Source: Milenio