Tula is a fantastic “Pueblo Mágico” in Tamaulipas, Mexico (VIDEO)


The beautiful town of Tula is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental, southwest of Tamaulipas. It is no coincidence that the Tulteca Cuera, a typical garment of Tamaulipas, comes from this place.

The city of Tula has many places to visit, in addition to its monumental parish of San Antonio de Padua, you can see various historic buildings such as the Chapel of the Loma of the old pantheon, the Casa Minerva currently the House of Culture, and the Temple of the Rosary.


Tula joined the Pueblos Mágicos program in 2011.
It stands on a terrain that mixes the forest and the desert, giving life to extremely contrasting landscapes.
Tula was founded on July 22 by Fray Juan Bautista de Mollinedo, a date that places it as one of the oldest Spanish cities in Tamaulipas.


Church in honor of San Antonio de Padua.
Rosary Chapel.
Minerva House.
Casino Tultec.
Hill of the Cross


Feast of San Antonio Padua, these festivities take place every year on June 13.​


It is located in the southwestern part of Tamaulipas and belongs to the sub-region of Tula No. 5. It borders to the north with the municipalities of Bustamante, Palmillas and Jaumave; to the south and west with the State of San Luis Potosí, and to the east with the Municipalities of Jaumave and Ocampo.

Source: SECTUR

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