Chaos and Terror in Matamoros, Tamaulipas (VIDEO)


“El Tigre” leader of the Gulf Cartel in the region is reported killed after shootings in Matamoros.

It was also reported a woman who would have been the victim of a stray bullet, but it remains to wait for the official count of the authorities after the terror in the border municipality

After the shootings that unleashed chaos and terror in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, the death of an old leader of the Gulf Cartel known as Ariel Treviño Peña, alias El Tigre, Tiger and/or Junior, has been reported, who would have perished in the confrontation.

According to extra-official reports, El Tigre was killed with two of his bodyguards, after the attack on Security personnel registered in the central area of ​​the border municipality during the night of this October 22, whose persecutions in the city generated up to a dozen of narco-blockades at various points, including those obstructions with burning vehicles.

The Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s Office has also identified the criminal leader with the names of Javier Enrique Hernández Gutiérrez , Francisco Hernández Martínez and / or Ariel Treviño Zapata .

photograph of what would be El Tigre’s bloody face, circulated after the attacks in Matamoros. The image shows the subject lying on the floor with his eyes closed, as well as blood traces in the padlock beard, between the lips, nose, neck, and right cheek, in addition to hair and other stains on the shirt.El Tigre was insured in 2009 and over the years it was released (Photo: Special)El Tigre was caught in 2009 and over the years he was released from jail (Photo: Special)

El Tigre was located as a priority objective of the Tamaulipas authorities as well as the United States. The Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office offered up to two million pesos in reward to whoever provided information on the whereabouts of this subject who was detained along with his operators on September 4, 2009, after a strong confrontation with the military, but who in the wake of the years he was released.

Like other kingpins in the state, the head of the Tiger was priced under the PGJE / 202018 agreement. Presumably, he was currently serving as a hawk chief for the Gulf Cartel in Matamoros. He is also credited with coordinated ambushes against the military and threats to military command. The image shared in networks and the ones in the search file are very similar in physical features.

A civil lawsuit had already notified in February of this year that the address of Ariel Treviño Peña was unknown. This was reported by Judge Ana Verónica Reyes Díaz, attached to the Thirteenth Judicial District of Tamaulipas, through an edict. The foregoing, due to the fact that the custody of a minor was being discussed and Laura Emilia Treviño Rosales did not know the address of the defendant.

But the alleged criminals would not be the only fatalities, since a woman has also been reported who, allegedly, died the victim of a stray bullet in the crossfire of agents of the Army and the Tamaulipas Police against operators of the Gulf Cartel. Preliminary versions indicated that the deceased person was originally from Ciudad Victoria and was in the city for work reasons.At least up to four men are seen lying face down in the images disseminated by networks (Photo: Special)At least up to four men are seen lying face down in the images disseminated by networks (Photo: Special)

It will be in the morning of this Saturday, October 23, when the official count is taken, but at the moment there have been around seven injured, three of them would be Security elements. There were also detainees, weapons seized, as well as confiscated tactical equipment.

Terror returned once again to Matamoros, where on Sunday October 17, four alleged hitmen of the Gulf Cartel were killed, also, after a shootout against agents of the Ministry of National Defense. On that occasion, the shooting started at 07:15, four more men were arrested and nine long weapons were seized.

According to the records, the Tiger that fell last night was a relevant command in the criminal organization . The time he was arrested, more than a decade ago, he was with his subordinates: Carlos Gerardo Rubio Ramírez or Carlos Gerardo Rubio Ramos; Erik Torres Ibarra or Erick Torres Ibarra or Eric Torres Ibarra, and Humberto Arévalo Covarrubias.

The head of the plaza was sent to the maximum-security prison, Federal Center for Social Readaptation No. 1 Almoloya, the Altiplano, in the State of Mexico. And since July 6, 2018, he was booked by the Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s Office. He returned to the streets, continued with the Gulf Cartel and this October 22 his life ended in a shooting.Paramedics provided help to the alleged injured aggressors (Photo: Special)Paramedics provided help to the alleged injured aggressors (Photo: Special)

In 2009, hitmen confronted the Army to try to rescue the Tiger, even firing an anti-tank rocket launcher against the soldiers, who repelled the attack and secured the alleged criminal. Twelve years after those clashes, the capo ran into military forces again but this time, he no longer survived, according to preliminary reports.

One of the main collisions, during the night of this Friday in Matamoros, was against a gray Suburban truck, supposedly armored, which is observed in videos how it is attacked with bullets. After the shooting, images were disseminated with impacts on the entire body and, next to the vehicle, up to four wounded subjects, as well as one more wearing a vest with the initials of the Gulf Cartel.

The Consulate General of the United States in Matamoros reported that the events of violence began around 9:00 p.m. and sent an emergency message to its citizens because the crash was reported in the neighborhoods and / or neighborhoods of Buena Vista, San Francisco. , Valle Alto, and in the vicinity of Ave del Niño and Avenida Pedro Cárdenas . The US authorities reported a confrontation between security forces and cartel subjects.

“The personnel of the Consulate General of the United States in Matamoros have received instructions to take refuge in the place until further notice, ” said the institution. He also reported the blockades and crowds should be avoided such as guarding against possible additional shootings .The aggressors blocked up to 10 points in the city (Photo: Special)The aggressors blocked up to 10 points in the city (Photo: Special)

People running, other shelters at the distance of intense gusts, screaming and sitting on the floor, the inhabitants of Matamoros spent moments of terror , waiting for the bullets to diminish. Some stopped on the roads, either because of the blockades or because the attacks were taking place at a distance. A shooting was even reported at the mall . At least one helicopter flew over at dawn.

The city burned once because of the drug war . In networks, supposed audios circulated that would have been intercepted via radio frequency and in which the soldiers were asked to stop with the onslaught. The Gulf Cartel hitmen allegedly implored an end to the shooting .


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