Tampico starts the Cantinas de Tradición Route


The tour includes a tasting with the typical dishes of the most emblematic canteens of the port

Enjoying a weekend in the company of friends, putting together a tour of the most emblematic places of Tampico will be a reality from this weekend, because it started the “Ruta Cantinas de Tradición”.

The tour is composed of four canteens that are: El Porvenir, El Royal, Madrid and La Sevillana and is organized by the tourism promotion company Urban in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of Tampico.

“This gastronomic tour started on the weekend, but it can be done any day, tourists are picked up at the hotel and there are at least six people, and reservations are made with the canteens, you can go all at once and in the canteens they prepare a tasting with their most typical dish. “

Elvia Holguera, Secretary of Tourism in Tampico, said that it will be sought that other tourism promotion companies also offer this service to tourists who visit the port.

For those who are from Tampico they can concentrate on the parking lot of Rio Vista Inn to be taken by the Urban van.

The cost of this trip through the legendary canteens of Tampico is 600 pesos per person, and the groups are composed of six people and the package includes transportation to the traditional canteens in Tampico, a snack and drink on each visit.

Holguera mentioned that other operators are being encouraged so that there is much more variety and options to visit places in the port of Tampico.

Source: elsoldetampico.com.mx

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