Tampico is consolidated as the tourist destination of Tamaulipas


Mayor Jesús Nader together with Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca inaugurated the Garden and Bridge of the Arts located in the Laguna del Carpintero

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After the state governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vac, inaugurated last Thursday afternoon the Garden and Bridge of the Arts located in the Laguna del Carpintero within the tourism development project that the state government and the city council of Tampico carry out in this place, the municipal president Chucho Nader highlighted the great advantages that this new development will bring to the city and the metropolitan area.

The mayor assured that the Laguna del Carpintero will be one of the main tourist attractions in southern Tamaulipas and will allow the development of new investment projects that will generate greater economic growth and social welfare.


We had the opportunity to accompany the state governor to the inauguration of the first spaces that have been completed within the extensive tourism development project in Laguna del Carpintero. The pedestrian bridge over the lagoon itself offers a spectacular experience to visitors, above all because it now has more space, security, and landscaping; also the new art garden will be a space for families and visitors to enjoy healthy recreation in a natural and protected environment “, said Jesús Nader

Chucho Nader announced that during the visit of the state executive the progress in the construction of the new Malecón located on the periphery of the Laguna was supervised, which he said will offer a better view of this body of water.

The mayor of the port city recalled that the comprehensive project, where a bipartisan investment of 450 million pesos is destined, includes the construction of a fairground, a cattle pavilion; and a series of spaces for tourism development, family integration, and environmental conservation

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