Korean Camp Mexico: dates, venue and everything you need to know about this event in Tampico


The Ebenezer School in Tampico is organizing an exciting Korean camp, the Korean Camp Mexico, with the aim of promoting education, values, and mental health through oriental culture.

This camp, which will take place on July 9 and 10, will be taught by people from South Korea.

The Korean camp is not only an option for the holiday season, but also an opportunity to educate and promote Korean culture in Tampico. In collaboration with the International Youth Fraternity, the Ebenezer School has prepared a series of activities that will teach participants about Korean culture, which has gained global popularity thanks to series and music.

Featured activities: K-Pop, languages, martial arts and more
During the two days of the camp, children and young people will have the opportunity to learn various disciplines of Korean culture directly from natives. Activities will include classes in Tae Kwon Do, dance, K-Pop, languages, and Korean cuisine. Arturo Martínez, representative of the International Youth Fraternity, highlighted: “Young people are going to learn about the culture and the language, and we want them to have closeness and contact with people from South Korea with this course.”

Young people promote the importance of mental health
The International Youth Fraternity also focuses on mental health, organizing a series of conferences on this topic. “We also support young people who are suffering from identity problems, depression, anxiety and insecurity, and we give them tools to strengthen their minds and hearts,” explained Martínez.

Details of the Korean Camp Mexico

The camp will take place on July 9 and 10 at the Ebenezer School and will cost $200 pesos as a recovery fee. For more information, those interested can call 833 537 7279 or 833 231 6973.

Fun guaranteed at the Korean Camp Mexico

The organizers promise two days full of fun and learning. “They are going to dance, they are going to sing, they are going to have fun, so we just ask that they come in comfortable clothes and with a desire to have a good time,” concluded Martínez.

Korean Camp Mexico will offer activities such as Korean classes, K-Quiz, Korean songs, dramas and traditions, bringing participants closer to Korean values ​​and culture while promoting mental and physical health.

Source: elsoldetampico