Oil reaches the beaches of Tamaulipas; dead fish, shrimp, and clams appear 


Fishermen from San Fernando, Tamaulipas, have reported to the media the death of fish and other marine species after detecting the presence of oil on the region’s beaches. They also pointed out that tourists get soaked with the hydrocarbon when entering the water. 

According to local media, the pollution also reached the communities of Soto la Marina and Aldama, affecting tourists and residents. 

One of the inhabitants of the fishing village Punta de Alambre, identified as María Antonia, stated that the pollution has affected communities such as Playas Vírgenes, La Barra, Boca de Catan, Punta de Piedra, Carboneras, among others. 

They indicated that the hydrocarbon has caused the death of hundreds of fish, shrimp, and even clams that have been left out of the sea, causing foul odors in the communities. 

They also pointed out that a chemical similar to acid is affecting their sight. 

Eduardo Orozco, voice of Parks and Biodiversity in Tamaulipas, mentioned that the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office has already taken action to determine where the hydrocarbon comes from and its consequences. 

He said that cleaning is already underway in the area belonging to the central part of the Gulf of Mexico so that tourism is no longer affected. 

Source: Debate