They saturate border crossings in Tamaulipas


Hundreds of border residents and people from the interior of the country saturated the international bridges by taking advantage of the first long weekend of the year, due to falling on Monday the Day of the Constitutions, a holiday in Mexico.

From dawn, the bridges registered long lines of vehicles, with average waiting times of two hours in Reynosa, both at the Reynosa-Hidalgo and Reynosa-Mission crossings.

While at the bridge II of Nuevo Laredo, the Juárez-Lincoln, with seven lanes open, there was an average waiting time in line of one hour.

The less saturated bridges were those of Matamoros, where the average time in line was less than an hour until 14:00 hours.

At the Anzaldúas bridge in Reynosa, the kilometric lines were notable for the greater presence of drivers with plates from Nuevo León.

At the Reynosa-Hidalgo crossing, the only line stretched for at least three kilometers, reaching the soccer fields of Libramiento Oriente avenue.

At this crossing, the dozens of street vendors made driving dangerous, especially before entering the Customs precinct, where they piled up in the line offering their goods to the drivers.

Source: Reforma