UFO Day in Miramar Beach: they will promote ufological tourism with these activities


The “Amupac” traveling museum will be presented with images of alleged sightings of unknown objects

To promote the development of the proposal for ufological tourism, the commemoration of Tamaulipas UFO Day will be carried out. The meeting point could not be other than Miramar beach, a place where, according to urban legend, sightings of alleged ships occurred, and its waters hide an extraterrestrial base.

The anniversary initiative is developed by the Tamaulipas UFO Scientific Research Association (AICOT) and its president, Juan Carlos Ramón López Díaz, explained that they will bring their traveling museum “Amupac” dedicated to the UFO theme, so that more people can learn about this phenomenon that this year reached the Chamber of Deputies.

Images and testimonies on UFO Day

López Díaz mentioned that this year they will exhibit unpublished photographs in which images of apparent UFOs have been captured, which have been analyzed. These are sightings that have been recorded both in the southern area of Tamaulipas and in the Huasteca region.

He added that they will have the testimony of a person originally from Río Verde, San Luis Potosí, who has shared photographs of a supposedly alien object that was seen in that area.

The president of AICOT mentioned that the establishment of the date for UFO Day is October 25 since that day, in 2008, EL SOL DE TAMPICO reported the presence of objects in the Gulf of Mexico that were moving towards the south.

Is ufological tourism consolidated?

For López Díaz, more and more people are interested in AICOT’s proposal to promote ufological tourism, which includes a series of both cultural and economic activities to attract those interested in the UFO issue to the southern area, not only from Mexico but from abroad.

“This date is an opportunity to explain to people and authorities the benefits that ufological tourism can bring, which can be carried not only in talks, exhibitions, but also in the sale of t-shirts, souvenirs, merchandise alluding to the topic, but also the recording of films and documentaries in the region,” López Díaz told this publishing house.

He highlighted the proposals for works with ufological themes that have been presented recently. What has been the case of the project to build a UFO observation viewpoint in Miramar, in Ciudad Madero; or the viewpoint and lighthouse of Pueblo Viejo, Veracruz, oriented towards this theme.

It will be in the area between the obelisk and the breakwater area, starting at 5:00 p.m., on Miramar beach, which will take place this coming Wednesday, October 25, on Tamaulipas UFO Day.

Source: El Sol de Tampico