Matamoros customs confiscate regularized cars 


Complaints are raining down against the elements of the Matamoros Customs for confiscating cars legalized with the AMLO decree. 

The Matamoros Customs authorities began to seize the cars that were legalized through the Federal Government program that cross from the United States to Mexico, arguing that they do not have a petition that guarantees that the motor unit has been imported legally. 

The foregoing was confirmed by the coordinator of the Public Vehicular Registry (Repuve), Raúl Quintanilla de la Garza, who pointed out that he has received people at the Olympic Park facilities who denounced this situation; They do let them pass after having them on the bridge for a long time, but they have to pay more than 2,500 pesos to be allowed to continue on their way. 

“A public server even went to the General Ignacio Zaragoza bridge in recent days to recover two vehicles; they already caught my attention, since it is not my job, but simply the customs authorities are not respecting this decree authorized by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” he said. 

He stressed that this situation is occurring where these units that were legalized under this federal scheme are being detained, arguing that for them the only way to verify that the car is imported is through the petition, a customs procedure that is generated at the time the car is made.  

“This shows us that the signature of the President of the Republic is not valid for them; they detain people for up to two hours, after that they ask for money and let them pass,” he said. 

“People have been coming to the module to claim me, telling me what was the use of nationalizing their car if they took 2,500 pesos from them on the bridge to be able to pass, but this population can file their complaint with the federal authorities, since they cannot say that AMLO’s nationalization documents are useless, the authority cannot be ignored in this way,” he added. 


     Due to the fact that not even two million cars have been legalized through the federal program, it is estimated that there will be a new extension until December 23, according to the information that has been released in recent days. commented Raúl Quintanilla de la Garza. 

     The coordinator of the Public Vehicular Registry (Repuve) of the Olympic Park recalled that this program was carried out to regularize five million vehicles, which is why this extension will be taking place so that more progress can be made in this regard. 

     He commented that, in addition, it is necessary to enter the cars whose series begins with a letter and not with a number; and there are few of the latter that remain to be legalized, while there are too many of the former in national territory and they are also required to be legal. 

     He stressed that, meanwhile, the Repuve system needs to improve, since it cannot be believed that 500 appointments have been scheduled for a week in just four minutes, it does not sound logical, we have to see what is happening. 

     He indicated that 96 daily appointments are being received in this module, which can be made without major setbacks, but, if required, to know what is happening with the system, how do they schedule so many appointments in no time? 

Source: El Manana