Tampico is one of the happiest cities in the country, they say in a survey


The survey is led by the Association Asociación Juntos Actuando Para Inspirar (Together Acting to Inspire); It was carried out between April and May

The municipality of Tampico is one of the happiest cities in the country, according to the Quality of Life Survey for the south of Tamaulipas, which highlighted that the level in the area is 8.7, even compared worldwide with other countries.

These results are part of the diagnosis that the Association Together Acting to Inspire (JAPI) is carrying out within its project to make this region the happiest in all of Mexico.

Under the premise that “what is not measured cannot be improved”, several meetings were held with various members of society in order to design a model to measure the quality of life that represents the culture and customs of the location.

Here they took as a basis a model of quality of life that has been previously used at the national level and in other parts of the Mexican Republic, the opinions of the participants were considered to redesign this model and apply it via a representative survey of households in the region.

The application of the survey was carried out by the office of Berumen y Asociados, which covered the three municipalities with a random sample of 400 households for each location.

The survey was carried out from April 24 to May 13 of this year.

The president of the JAPI Association, Zaira Ávalos, highlighted the importance of this project that will lead to determine what actions can be improved in the region for the well-being of the population.

The coordinator of the project, Dr. José de Jesús García Vega, emphasized that the level of happiness in the area is 8.7, which is very good compared even worldwide with other countries.

Respondents were asked if they agreed that this region was the happiest in Mexico and on a scale of 1 to 10 an average of 7.2 was obtained.

The model included eight dimensions of quality of life and in five of them an evaluation above 7 was obtained.

The best evaluated dimensions were health, personal well-being and education, while the lowest were security and good governance.

“Although it is difficult to say if the results are good or bad, since there is no way to compare them in an objective way, the important thing will be to design and implement improvement actions and then continue measuring to verify if the actions have been effective and have been managed to improve the living conditions of the locality”.

In the statistics of the levels of happiness of the three municipalities in the southern zone, the municipality of Tampico stands out slightly above Madero and Altamira.

The co-founder of the JAPI Association, Neto Ávila, reported that once these results are obtained, projects will be established to seek more collaborators to join.

Through a happiness ambassador program, the application of quality of life models in schools and workplaces, and monitoring of quality of life.

In this way, Tampico is considered one of the happiest cities through this survey.

Source: El Sol de Tampico