Students create in Tamaulipas an ecological bulletproof brick that costs six pesos


CONALEP students from Tamaulipas created the Ecological Light Block; It costs six pesos, resists up to 120 kilos, falls from 6 meters and even bullet impacts.

CONALEP students in Tamaulipas will compete in Turkey with an incredible invention: An ecological block with a low production cost and high resistance to bullet impacts.

In Mexico, the imagination and hard work of its people have no limits. This was demonstrated by 2 students and a teacher from CONALEP in Tamaulipas, who created an ecological, low-cost product so resistant that it could be considered bulletproof.

It is a brick that could revolutionize the world of construction and, above all, improve people’s lives.

The bulletproof ecological brick is intended to be easily accessible to low-income people.

María Fernanda Mariño and Luis Fabián Torres are students of the industrial chemistry technical career and together with their teacher, Professor Rocío de Lejía; are the creators of the Ecological Light Block.

The invention was presented at Infomatrix 2022, an international competition that seeks to integrate the greatest minds on the planet and publicize their creations, projects and proposals.

The Ecological Light Block won the gold medal in the category of Scientific Dissemination at the Baccalaureate level, competing with countries such as Spain, Ukraine, the United States, Ecuador, Romania, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia.

What is the Ecological Light Block?

One of the main benefits of the Ecological Light Block is its low production cost, which so far is around six pesos, this in order to support low-income people.

The elements that make up the Ecological Light Block are 90% chopped paper, 10% cement; a resin that works as a natural adherent and about 5 liters of water.

The invention ends with a weight of 3 kilos that supports a fall of 6 meters in height, a maximum weight of 120 kilos and also supports the impact of a firearm, since it passed the ballistic test against 38-caliber weapons.

The block follows to the letter the guidelines established in the official Mexican safety and quality standards of the national body for construction/building standardization and certification.

In addition they met the parameters to enter the sustainable development goals of the United Nations Organization.

The students hope to present their project in Turkey during the month of December, in a contest similar to the one they won in Mexico.

Source: Mexico Desconocido