Five suspects indicted in kidnapping and deaths of Americans in Tamaulipas (WSJ)


Mexico Indicts Five Men in Kidnapping, Deaths of Americans

Judge ordered the accused to be tried on kidnapping and homicide charges after a drug gang handed them to the local authorities in Matamoros.

As we previously reported, on the Tamaulipas Post, four Americans from South Carolina drove into Matamoros, Mexico, from Brownsville, Texas, and were attacked by armed men, according to Mexican authorities.

MEXICO CITY—A Mexican judge has indicted five men turned in by a drug gang in the abduction of four Americans, two of whom were killed, in the violence-plagued city of Matamoros, said the top prosecutor in the border state of Tamaulipas.

Prosecutors in Tamaulipas, where Matamoros is located, formally arrested the five men Friday. They had been left tied up the day before on a Matamoros street with a sign claiming they were responsible for kidnapping and killing the Americans.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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