Mexican authorities find the 4 kidnapped Americans in Tamaulipas: two are dead, one is alive and one more seriously wounded


Américo Villarreal, Governor of Tamaulipas reported that the four Americans kidnapped in Matamoros were found. Two died, one is alive and the other is wounded. This information, he said, was known about 35 minutes ago. Contacted through a phone call by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the local leader assured that ambulances and security personnel will carry out the emergency transfer from the point where they were located.

The president said that the Secretary of Citizen Security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez will give more information on the actions that the Mexican government will carry out at 1:00 p.m. It is expected that the repatriation of the bodies of the tourists will take place in the next few hours. 

The US has the right to protest

López Obrador assured that the United States has the right to demonstrate against them, although he assured that his administration had no intention of a misfortune like the one that occurred. He regretted the events that occurred last Friday and sent condolences to the families, friends, loved ones, and the American people for the deaths and injuries in these events. 

“We are working every day to guarantee peace and tranquility.” 

He ruled out that this causes a change in the security strategy between the governments of both nations. He added that the proposal for Mexican drug traffickers is to be considered terrorists because this proposal is part of a political strategy to remove political strife. 

“There are very hypocritical people, who lament these events and use them for political reasons. They traffic in pain,” he said. 

The president assured that misfortune is being used to maintain political benefits. PHOTO: Special. 

The first version of a violent event

Yesterday, at the end of his meeting with the press, the head of the Executive Power reported that the progress in the case indicated that the travelers had come to the country to buy medicines, but that they were intercepted by the attackers, during a shooting that took place out in the city of Tamaulipas.   

According to this version, those involved in the abduction would have fired at a white minivan in which the victims were traveling, after which they would have forced them to get into another car and taken them away. So far the whereabouts of the Americans is unknown. 

The attackers carried out their actions during the afternoon. PHOTO: Special

Who are the kidnapped US citizens?

The mother of one of the victims reported to the US channel ABC that the victims are her son Latavia McGee, her nephew Shaeed Woodard and their friends Zindell Brown and Eric James Williams. The men were on site to accompany a young woman for a cosmetic procedure at a Matamoros clinic. 

The young people were reportedly kidnapped a few meters from the place where the surgery would take place. Latavia ‘s mother had spoken to him a few minutes before the crimeUpon learning what happened, she tried to dial her phone again, but she no longer answered. 

At the scene, the authorities found an identification with the name of Eric, confirming that the four would be among the victims of the hitmen who struck the city at two different points.

Source: El Heraldo de México

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