Zombie invasion arrives in Tampico


TAMPICO, TAM.- A Zombie invasion arrived in Tampico and they discovered that the best place to enjoy delicious hamburgers is undoubtedly Zombie Burger, a place with a unique concept in the area where the atmosphere is ideal to enjoy with friends, the family or with the couple.

Perla Acosta, owner of Zombie Burger, opened the doors of the branch located in Plaza Rondinella to Expreso-La Razón, where she shared some details of the beginnings of this incredible place.

“Zombie Burger emerged 8 years ago, we are a one hundred percent local brand, we started at our parent branch that is located in the Tampico-Altamira neighborhood and here in Plaza Rondinella we are about to celebrate three months of our opening,” said Acosta.

In this place, children and adults are captivated by the flavor of the dishes since from the beginning the quality of the products was taken care of, offering hamburgers and snacks with first-class raw materials, which has been its hallmark.

“Our main mission is to offer quality in our products, since we seek to provide a great experience to those who enjoy our hamburgers and snacks, for this reason we consume top quality raw materials, always thinking of our customers as friends,” said Perla Acosta.

Diners will be able to taste one of the 14 different hamburgers included in the menu, or also Wings, boneless, roast beef tacos, roast potatoes, cheese fingers, onion rings, zombie Nachos, all prepared over charcoal.

“We have a variety of 14 hamburgers, 12 of which are prepared with ground Sirloin and 2 with chicken, in addition to the wings and boneless, they are cooked over charcoal which gives them a unique flavor, now that if you try them with any of our artisanal sauces, well imagine the flavor”.

Zombie Burger has two addresses, the headquarters located at 315 Lázaro Cárdenas street in the Tampico Altamira neighborhood and Universidad avenue on the corner with Morones Prieto in Plaza Rondinella.

Within its extensive menu, it also offers an extensive range of drinks prepared with the traditional Mojito, Gin Tonic, Margaritas, classic drinks such as Chamochelas, Clamatos, Cheladas, beers, among others.

“Although our main consumers are children, and we have a series of activities for them so that they can enjoy their stay at Zombie Burger, we are also aimed at adults since we sell alcoholic beverages among our menu of dishes.”

With a schedule from 2 in the afternoon to 11 at night, Zombie Burger offers a great family atmosphere in both directions, where children and adults can enjoy a unique place with walls invaded by zombies.

Acosta shared that there are a series of promotions, including a 15% discount for those who place their orders through the Facebook page and pick up their order at the store.

She added that those who celebrate their birthday at Zombie Burger can also bring their cake or receive a free dessert by presenting their INE credential.

“Here we are ready to celebrate, whether it is an anniversary, a birthday or whatever you like, we do not charge for having your cake brought, and if you do not bring it, the birthday boy receives a free dessert as long as it is within the month of his birthday.

Undoubtedly, an excellent option to enjoy delicious dishes, a good atmosphere and a special place, Zombie Burger also has a reservation service at 833 427-53-41 at the main branch or at 833 460-22-65 at Rondinella branch.

Source: Expresso.press