Video on social networks shows people eating Crocodile meat in Altamira


In Altamira they point out that crocodile meat is offered by the kilo to those who wish to eat it, and there are even those who say that it is delicious.

A video where apparently people are consuming crocodile ‘carnitas’ in Altamira has circulated on social networks in recent days; the recording states that it is a practice that has already become common in the area.

The video, almost four minutes long, was published on the Facebook page “Altamira el Gigante Dormido” and shows the process of preparing the presumed meat of the reptile to cook it as if it were carnitas.

At what price is the kilo of crocodile meat offered?

In the video, two men are heard talking, while one of them takes several plastic bags with white pieces inside from a cooler and affirms that everything is extracted from the part that corresponds to the tail. “The thickest of the tail, the biggest piece,” says the person showing the meat.

The product is offered by the kilo and is sold at 60 pesos. It is also pointed out that this meat has a lot of fat that must be removed. But nothing goes to waste, as the bidder claims it has healing properties.

“This (the fat) is chopped and melted; I cold it and make it liquid because sometimes people come and ask for it for the bronchi. It opens the airways very well.”

“It tastes like fish and pork to me”

In the second part of the video, the moment in which the meat is prepared is observed, how is marinated and on port butter in a saucepan. “It tastes really good to me, like fish; between fish and pork”, says the person who is recording when trying a piece of fried meat.

Is it legal to eat crocodile meat?

According to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), the Caiman crocodilus -alligator-, the Crocodylus acutus -river crocodile-, and the Crocodylus moreletii -the swamp crocodile that inhabits our region- are currently protected.

This species of reptiles is listed in NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010 under the Pr category (Subject to Special Protection) therefore, the consumption and sale of meat or in this case of crocodile ‘carnitas’ is not allowed.

Source: El Sol de Tampico